Diana Parkinson Counselling and Hypnotherapy
Stress Management 
Hypnotherapy is a great stress buster. Learn to use self-hypnosis as a means to combat stress. Learn to tell the difference between good and bad stress. Discover how to manage your time effectively, time to work and time to play, time to relax and time to sleep. 
Understand the causes of stress, and how the body reacts when under stress, the physical, emotional and behavioural signs of stress and to know what to do to reduce stress levels. 
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Through Hypnosis you can experience total relaxation, which is a state where you are totally in control. Both your body and mind are calm and relaxed so you can think clearly and make decisions easily. 
So often people turn to alcohol or other substances as a means of escaping from unacceptable levels of stress. Aggressive behaviour towards work colleagues and/or family is also often a symptom of stress. 
Find out how to become assertive, how to be more efficient and effective in the workplace, managing both work and play time, ensuring space for relaxation and recuperation, all helping you to become happier and healthier. 
As you become aware of being in control by simply being calm and relaxed, you discover you can alter the dynamics of relationships, whether family, friends or work. This makes your life so much easier and helps reduce negative stress. 
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