Diana Parkinson Counselling and Hypnotherapy
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Instructions for using recordings 
Make sure you are in a comfortable position, preferably lying flat on your back with a pillow under your head, arms by your sides and legs stretched out in front of you. The best place is lying on your bed, but if this is not possible then sitting in a chair that really supports your body while allowing you to comfortably relax will do. It’s a good idea to wear headphones so you are not distracted by other sounds; you are just hearing my voice and my beneficial suggestions. 
It’s important that while the recordings are playing your ‘phone is switched off or on silent mode and that no-one interrupts you. 
The recordings should only be listened to in this way and should never be played while driving, or undertaking any activity that requires concentration.  
You don’t need to pay any particular attention to what I am saying – all you need to do is relax and if you drift off to sleep then that’s absolutely fine. As long as you have headphones on my voice will go into your sub-conscious mind and my suggestions, which are all positive and helpful, will leave an impression there, which will grow in its effectiveness. 
For best results listen every day for 3 weeks. 
Be Calm and Relaxed
"I listen to it almost every week, it never loses its effect! Thank you so much!" 
"Absolutely lovely, thanks!" 
Be Slim and Healthy
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